22 December 2011

on the cheap: prada

remember that one time i did a post on ballet-inspired designs?...

well, prada did these shoes earlier this year and even though they're on mega-sale at yoox, you can get them for 1/3 of the sale price at sam edelman. love it.

16 August 2011

still (p)interested?

obviously slacking on the blog-front.
but i have recently become obsessed with a new site
where blogs meet tumblr...
check me out on:

it's photo-blogging for the laziest of fashionistas (that's me!) but it is wonderfully addicting.
join & follow me! but don't say i didn't warn you

21 February 2011

summer lovin'

seriously missing the summer life
so i've compiled a list of my summer obsessions to snap me out of this gloomy, wintery funk

1. chloé scalloped shorts

i've been dreaming about these for years, and chloé just keeps making them in more styles and colors so i think this is it.
tis the season.

i don't like this girl(chloe sevigny), but i must admit that
she is rocking these shorts.
i would wear every one of these outfits
(sans that hat)

and i am loving everything about this

2. a big ol' floppy hat

3. a white lace shift dress

temperley london

mini sebille silk-blend lace dress

4. the perfect floral sundress

still inexplicably yet hopelessly obsessed with this
rebecca taylor kew gardens dress from last year

5. a breezy, silky, maxi dress

halston heritage
pleated chiffon long dress

6. outfits a la clemence poesy on gossip girl

7. nude strappy sandals

jimmy choo
miles leather and mesh sandals

loeffler randall
paige criss-cross sandals

peace, love, & sunshine

02 February 2011


whilst living in the beautiful city of Milano,
i have come to realize that my american accent is a disgrace,
especially in the fashion district of Montenapoleone
(which, by the way, is way too many syllables for one word)

so here are some brand names i have been told i pronounce
"like a stupid american"


once though to be "mo-SHEE-no"
is actually

Ermenegildo Zegna
making beautiful men even more beautiful since 1910...
yeah i didn't even try this one
i usually stop at "erm..."

"air *roll the R* -mene-jill-dow   tzEG-nuh"

that may have actually made it more difficult.

ps - CHANEL is the same in any language.

23 January 2011

swan princess

oh, have you heard about natalie portman's new movie,
black swan

first of all
yes, it was incredible
yes, natalie portman deserves the oscar
yes, it was gory and disturbing

but can we just stop for a minute and talk about the COSTUMES?

Rodarte designed 20 original costumes for this film,
each one even more intricate and beautiful than the last.

this designing super-duo was the perfect choice for the movie,
as it seems they have had ballet on the brain for quite some time
since their inception in 2005

photos from Rodarte's fall 2008 collection

a piece from the Rodarte for Target line in 2009...

...of which natalie portman, herself, was a fan

following the trend of ballet-inspired designs,
i would like to draw your attention to the

mr. gilles mendel produced the costumes for the
New York City Ballet's production of Call Me Ben.
needless to say, some of his designs crossed over
to his resort collection. and i LOVE it.

click through the slideshow on nymag
and check out some of these amazing shots
and wipe that drool off your face.

17 January 2011

16 January 2011

girl crush

is it weird to blog about a blog?

rumi neely a la fashiontoast
might be my idol.

i want to hate her, but can't because not only is she stunning, fashionable, and well-traveled, but she is also smart. her style is everything i wish mine could be (though i'm sure it would be easier if i had designers sending pieces from their collection to my front door). she is also a respectable photographer, and though a majority of her blog is just photos of herself, i'm not mad about it, because the shots are just so stunning and inspirational. she has such a witty, sarcastic sense of humor, that i find myself just as excited to look at the pictures as i am to read what she's written about them.

she also has her own jewelry line sold exclusively on tobi

the piece i need right now:

the pieces on my wishlist:

suspiciously reminiscent of low luv x erin wasson
but i'm ok with it

and, of course, she models/styles/designs for my all-time favorite socal brand:

in another life...